Graduate Students

Janelle Y. Wee, M.S.

Janelle Wee is a third-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. She completed her Master's degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. Janelle has begun her clinical training at Swedish First Hill Family Medicine Residency in a primary care behavioral integration setting. She also has experience working as a Behavioral Health Assistant in a Primary Care clinic administering SBIRT surveys in a primarily Korean-speaking population. 


Research Interests: Mental health and suicidality in Asian American and Asian immigrant populations. Gut microbiome composition, immune system, inflammation, and neurobiological risk factors of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.  

Curriculum Vitae

Jingyan (Joel) Gu, B.A.

Jingyan Gu is a third-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Washington as an international student from China. Joel has clinical experience working with different types of mental disorders including substance abuse, depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

Research Interests: One part of his research interest is focused on mental health and suicide issues among international students and Asian Americans. The other part is focused on problematic internet use and mental disorders.

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Joshua ‘Rocky’ Marks, B.A.

Rocky Marks is a second-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. He has experience as a Psychometrist at a personal injury firm and also works as a Graduate Assistant in the Neuroscience Department of SPU.


Research Interests: Primarily interested in two areas: the first is suicide within the incarcerated population, and the second relates to neuroinflammation theory of suicide. 

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Yuchin (Gina) Lin, M.S.

Yu-Chin Lin is a second-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. She received her master’s degree from California Lutheran University. She has experience with R and R Studio for data management, visualization, and statistical modeling procedures.

Research Interests: Suicidality in Taiwanese population, role of shame as both protective and risk factors in suicide-related processes and outcomes.

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Samantha Jacobson, B.A.

Samantha Jacobson is a second-year doctoral student in both Dr. Thane Erickson's VIBE Lab and the CRISIS Lab. She completed her Bachelor's degree at Seattle Pacific University, and is currently a practicum student at Seattle Children's Hospital Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD. She also has experience working in inpatient care.

Research Interests: Compulsive self-injury, body focused repetitive behaviors, unique suicide risk in people with OCD, rumination, distress tolerance, emotion regulation.

Curriculum Vitae

Katherine O'Connell, M.S.

Katherine O'Connell is a first-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. She completed her a Master’s of Science in Psychology from Regent University. She is an army veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom and former counter-terrorism analyst. She has specialized experience in GIS and big data research, 

collection and analysis.

Research Interests: Acute suicidality and associated crisis treatment and biological basis of suicide among veteran populations.


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Nicole Moreira, M.A.

Nicole Moreira is a first-year doctoral student in the CRISIS Lab. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology from George Washington University. Nicole is a trained mental healthcare professional with experience treating forensic and adult outpatient populations. She also has experience in involuntary assessment and services in her role as a Designated Crisis Responder.

Research Interests: Biopsychosocial factors contributing to psychopathy, recidivism, violent offending and suicide risk in forensic and civilly committed populations. She is also interested in applications of DBT and trauma-informed care to treat suicidality and psychopathology.

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